Drainage rehabilitation works

Project description

The subject of the contract is drainage works at three locations. In Bilješevo, an underground pipeline for drainage of the area above the highway was built in Bilješevo, made of flexible cold-formed, spiral, corrugated steel pipes with a diameter of 900 mm and a length of 234 m, with the construction of a reinforced concrete entrance and exit structure and 8 concrete inspection manholes, with the installation of a Ø900 mm non-return valve.

On the Butila loop, 2 earthen trapezoidal channels with a total length of 246m were excavated and scarped, and 2 concrete walls with 2 non-reversible covers Ø1000mm were built.

At the Lepenica toll booth, the construction of 4 reinforced concrete clear channels with a clear width of 80 to 150 cm and a total length of 310 m, construction of inflow and outflow reinforced concrete buildings and sedimentation tanks was carried out.