Our values

Our values ​​define the business vision and character of Mibral. Commitment to traditional values ​​such as quality, safety, teamwork, social responsibility and the pursuit of new knowledge are the foundation of our work.

Health and safety

Health and safety of our people and community is of primary importance to us. We achieve this through:

  • Prevention measures and risk assessments
  • Ongoing training and management of employees
  • Industry best practice safety procedure


We achieve more together than we can do individually, by sharing goals and resources. We demonstrate this through:

  • Clearly communicating objectives and striving towards their achievement
  • Actively sharing and listening to other people‘s ideas
  • Building mutual trust and accountabilities

Quality and service delivery

We recognise that high standards of quality and service delivery are fundamental to our success. We demonstrate these values by:

  • Understanding our customer needs to deliver the most suitable solutions
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and high quality of works
  • Standing behind the quality of our completed projects, and maintaining a high level of professionalism

Learning organisation

We constantly challenge ourselves to learn and grow as individuals and as an organisation to continually improve and remain competitive. We achieve this through:

  • Identification and fulfillment of training needs and opportunities
  • A positive environment for leadership and development
  • Adopting contemporary business standards and practices 

Social responsibility

We respect the need to look after the surroundings in which we operate. In all our business activities we seek to:

  • Respect human and labour rights
  • Protect the environment
  • Benefit and improve local communities