Social responsibility

Using the ISO 26000 standard of social responsibility, a key principle of Mibral is an integrated approach to corporate governance including aspects of human and labor law, environmental protection, fair and just business, user protection and the improvement and development of local communities. We base our business decisions and activities on these principles.

Through our work we demonstrate the principles of behavior and mutual respect, protection of dignity, respect for all different cultural, religious and racial freedoms to all stakeholders.

We continuously strive to improve working conditions by respecting labor rights and respecting each individual. We also invest in employee training and development, improvement of work equipment and personal protective equipment to provide the best possible working conditions and greater satisfaction of our employees.

Mibral respects the need to preserve the environment in which it operates. Through our business activities, we always strive to have a positive impact on the protection and improvement of the environment. As an environmentally conscious company, we strive to reduce and control the negative impacts and risks in relation to the environment with our operational processes, especially when it comes to the disposal of construction waste, water and energy savings. Honest and fair business to all stakeholders is the foundation of our long-term success. We pay special attention to cooperation with our subcontractors and suppliers whose business directly depends on the fulfillment of our obligations to them. We also respect copyright and related rights in all segments of our business, providing licenses or other fees for their use.

The purpose of building our infrastructure projects is to improve the living conditions of BiH society. We pay special attention to the protection of the end users as local residents of the area in which we are building. With modern work technologies and the safe provision of construction sites, we ensure the protection of each individual during construction, while we stand behind our completed projects with a quality guarantee.

Mibral’s business principles are aimed not only to constantly increasing the well-being of employees and local communities, but also of all other interest groups whose position depends on the company’s operations and work. Numerous acknowledgments and recognitions best testify to our engagement and contribution to local communities as well as individuals through scholarships and sponsorships.

Doing business using the highest ethical principles in each of our business contacts gives us the ability to always be proud of our work and maintain the outstanding reputation of our company.