Mibral through time

The company was originally founded in 1977 as a craft shop, but in 1989 it was transformed into a privately owned company, in February 1997 it was re-registered as a d.j.l. MIBRAL, and at the beginning of 2001 in d.o.o. MIBRAL.


Mibral today

Mibral introduces organizational changes using Adizes Institute methodologies and tools, which are based on theory of the corporate lifecycle. Creating organizational changes was preceded by clearly defined Mission and Vision, which has additional strengthened our values and goals, and was a foundation for clear definition of responsibilities and authorities. Supporting growth and development is crucial for our company’s future success.


Long tradition and experience

By combining a long tradition and experience with a modern way of doing business, we continue with improvements and new challenges that will enable us to create even better results and more successful business partnerships.


40 years of work and existence

In 2017, we celebrated 40 years of work and achieved results. We are proud of our team and the experience gained on a large number of successfully completed projects in the field of hydro and civil engineering. Through mutual trust and professionalism, we have built long-standing partnerships with our customers, suppliers, associates and local communities.


Introduction of ISO 9001 standards

In 2014, we introduced new business improvements and the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. The goal of introducing ISO standards is to achieve lasting improvement, measured by customer satisfaction.


Company reorganization

In 2012, Mibral conducted reorganization of the company with a focus on work organization and efficiency of business processes. Knowledge and business process management leads to significant organizational benefits and enables faster, more flexible and proactive business..


FIDIC international standard

2009. Ready for new challenges, we implemented the first capital contract according to FIDIC's international standard. Successful and efficient implementation of projects creates a positive and promising climate for further growth as a whole.


30 years of work and existence

2007 marks 30 years of work and tradition, gained vast experience through the implementation of a large number of projects. We are grateful to our professional and proactive team, all partners and associates who have helped us on the path of development and success so far.


Mibral historija 2001
Re-registration as a Limited Liability Company (d.o.o)

In 2001, by transferring to the form of Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.), MIBRAL became recognizable for continuity of business and the quality of service provided for more demanding projects.


Re-registration in the Company of One Person (d.j.l.)

In 1997, after 20 years of tradition, gained experience and constant growth, for the third time we recorded re-registration as a d.j.l.-Limited liability company.


Transformation into a privately owned enterprise

In 1989, after many years of growth and development, the trade business became a privately owned company. The new form of organization, references of performed works and growing number of employees shaped Mibral into a recognizable company in the field of hydro and civil engineering.


Craft shop Milan Bralović was founded

Our story begins in 1977 with the foundation of a trade business by proprietor Milan Bralovic. By accepting the challenges of that time and system of work, Milan Bralovic, together with his 3 employees, used entrepreneurship to create a private firm.